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Apartment Directions LLC, is an integrated real estate company whose members have over 100 years of combined construction, management, acquisition, and disposition real estate and business experience. AD operates from a proven business model, employs experienced teams in legal, accounting, finance, property management, acquisition and disposition. The principals have decades of experience operating businesses and real estate investments, and it is this broad experience that allows us to instinctively identify opportunities, manage risk, and provide strong investor returns.

Apartment Directions believes Class C+ to B+ multifamily properties provide a good balance during changing market conditions. When the economy slows and money is tight, key renters move from Class A properties to more value-oriented Class B properties; when the economy is going well, the key renter demographic moves up to Class B properties from Class C properties. Multifamily properties over 200 units provide for enough operating capital to support on-site management and maintenance personnel. They also provide for adequate income to cover the necessary amounts of capital required for asset preservation, which allows the management team to meet competitive market demands, keep quality tenants, and maximize rents.

Apartment Directions starts with a sure foundation of a solid team to provide less risk exposure within the market cycles implementing proven strategies of success.


Acquisition Criteria:

  • Property Type:  Market Rate,  Mid Rise, Garden Style, High Rise, 55+, student housing, garden style, multi use sites.
  • Asset Class: B+ to C+ (Primary focus is B class assets)
  • Location Quality: A+ to C+
  • Property Size: 200+ units; single asset or portfolios
  • Pricing: $5M to $50M+
  • Property Vintage: 1980+
  • Investment Structure: All cash to seller; Loan assumptions on a case-by-case basis.

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  • To preserve, protect, and return to the Investors their capital contributions

  • To achieve a rate of return in excess of typical alternative investment returns

  • To provide an inflationary hedge through appreciation in the value of the property

  • To provide cash for distribution to our investors

  • To provide investment secured by real assets for our investors

  • To realize growth in the value of our properties upon sale or refinance

  • To achieve an annualized, before-tax preferred rate of return of 8 % to investors with upside potential for larger returns over the life of the investment

  • To allow investors an opportunity to acquire an interest in large, high quality multifamily assets that provide quarterly cash distributions and investment growth through appreciation, expense management, and loan principal pay-down

  • To provide investment diversity by investing in multiple properties and markets

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